Reverse the Routine

I don't think I have ever done a review of a shampoo and conditioner, they aren't really things I take too much interest in, I usually get ones that are on offer as they are quite expensive. But when I saw people talking about this new duo I knew I had to grab them as soon as possible. It baffles me how after doing something everyday nearly for my whole life someone has come along and changed the whole process?!? But I have to say hand on heart that I love the change and I am glad to reverse the routine!

The whole advertisement of these products is that using a conditioner after a shampoo can weigh your hair down, this is why they have created a game changing beauty-full (love the play on words!) volume regime that starts off with a pre-wash conditioner. It still leaves hair feeling soft and silky but with a gorgeous bounce. I never usually notice a difference with my hair but the first time I used this I decided to blow dry my hair to see the full effects. The volume was incredible and I'm not just talking about a fresh wash look, I'm talking bounce as you walk, I looked ready to go out but all I had was a bed calling my name. To test it to it's full ability I put my hair up as I usually do for bed and in the morning I put it down and the volume was still there, It honestly felt like a weight had been lifted and my hair had been fully cleansed. 

It says that it gives double the volume and smoothness which it does! The formula is created with fleximax volumizers and fibre polishing actives, if like me this does not make a word of sense then all it means is that it preps you hair for the volume and binds to the cuticle leaving it touchably soft. To complete this wash the second step of the shampoo and you have beautifully clean and bouncy hair. 

I have been using 3-4 pumps of the pre-wash conditioner through my hair, mainly focusing on the lengths. This is something I wouldn't do before, I would not place the conditioner near my scalp as it would feel heavy after the wash. But with using the shampoo after it washes out any product and leaves it feeling weightless. 

Olivia x