This bath is lush!

I was thinking of ideas for blog posts the other day as I'm having a slight block of inspiration at the moment! Then I went to have a bath and of course I had to take some photos as I just love the pretty patterns they make in the tub, I only use lush bath products unless it's actual bubble bath just to add something extra.

This is when I got an idea to post some of my pictures on here as they are like works of art! Not just mine but whenever I am on Instagram I love seeing pictures of lush baths, they just really stand out and have the most wonderful colours. I hope you enjoy this as it is something different to usual!

Blue is one of my favorite colours of bath bombs, It looks so bright and colourful! This one is the frozen bath bomb and I love the patterns it creates so much. I think that it is really relaxing to get into something that looks so welcoming.

Intergalactic is just so pretty!! This is one of my favorites to use for pretty baths as I love the patterns it creates. It also has a tonne of glitter in it which makes the bath sparkle. 

Lorde of Misrule, The colours of this product are extremely beautiful, I wish they sold these all year round! It is the first time I tried this in my bath and I totally wish I had bought more.

Another frozen bath! This pattern has been on of my favorite so far, It reminds me of the sea around Bora Bora, oh how I wish I was there!

The golden wonder has to be my favorite christmas bath bomb, I love how it is yellow at first but has loads of little bath bombs inside that creates the perfect mix of colours in the bath. 

Last but not least is the little lush pud, one of my favorite scents from lush! I always stock up at christmas and try to make them last. So much colour in one place!

Olivia x