I have a youtube channel!

During the last 6 months I have seen a huge growth in my following on social media, I know I still have a long way to go but I have been so happy that my hard work is paying off, My instagram has been my most used and is the one that I use most often, From this I created my second instagram account which is still In the process of growing but this is a makup account. I personally just do it as a hobby, I started doing it 3 years ago now (wow that is a long time) and I can see an improvement and I want this to carry on. This is not the point though, I get comments saying how lovely a look I have done looks and I have had a few people ask If I have a youtube channel which I always reply to as no sorry. It has been on the back of my mind for a while now as I have been thinking of the pros and cons. 

For me it is a confidence thing, I'm scared that people I know from school will see it and won't understand why. I am very secretive about my blog, only a few close friends know about it. But I thought that I only have about 8 more weeks of school and then I am done, I had some spare time and I filmed my first video. My goodness it was harder then I thought. I have not yet got the confidence to talk in a video as I personally hate the sound of my own voice! But it is all very new and exciting! 

I would love if you should check it out and give me a chance, I know its not the best and compared to many of the other youtubers I watch it is so much harder to film a video then I ever though.  The link to my channel will be here... If you do check it out I would appreciate more video or makeup ideas to film as I am struggling to be creative. 

Olivia! x