New Kicks

What's this, a fashion related post??! Yes I have never done one of these but I am all for change! I have been stuck in a serious root with my shoes at the moment, I have winter boots and shoes that I never really wear. I also have some trainers from Primark (nothing wrong with shoes from there!) but I do notice that the quality is not the best so instead of buying loads of shoes for a cheap price I looked into some more expensive shoes. Recently I have been wearing my vans a tone because they are super casual and easy to wear with anything, I am also trying to find my style and find what I feel comfortable in. 

I found these Adidas Gazelle trainers in Shuh, I have wanted a pair in forever as I love the simple style that will go with pretty much everything! They are even better as it is coming up for spring/summer so they are a transition from the boots I have been wearing. It was a toss up between this light green shade (I personally think they are more mint) and a grey pair. In the end I chose these as they add a pop of colour. The style is simple and sleek and I love the gold motif on the side along with the classic Adidas stripes.

I am personally going to be pairing these with jeans to keep it casual, The colour will look great in the summer and I am going bath to grab the gray pair as I received a £10 off voucher so it would be rude not too.  From trying them on they feel super comfortable so hopefully they won't rub my feet. 

Olivia x