Sleeveless Jackets

I have always been into style and 'in trends' I also love gettin prices that will last me for ages. I have noticed the trend of the sleeveless jackets at the moment and I had to follow the crowd. This one is from new look and I actually got this one in the sale for a great price of £20 I mean that is a really good deal! The thing I love about them is that as it is getting into spring it is getting warmer and I don't always want to wear a coat so this is a great option. I have been pairing it with a long sleeved top or thin jumper for the casual vibe. Then with a pair of jeans and shoes of choice you have a lovely outfit that looks like you have made an effort but screems comfort and style. 

The reason I chose this one is because it has the fur style waist coat at the top then it's just plain grey down to the knees. This adds a verity of textures to an outfit and keeps you warm at the same time. I went for grey because it is more of a spring appropriate colour, I sometimes find black to be too harsh in contrast with something pastel colours so this is the main reason this ended up in my wardrobe. Im sorry about the akward poses lol, I'm still getting used to the whole outfit of the day thing.