10 things I hate about Exams

1.) The having no social life for the weeks leading up to it because you are too busy revising

2.) They are in summer so your summer is spent inside, out of the sun... 

3.) Not being able to sleep the night before because you are so stressed out about the exam

4.) Waiting to go into the exam hall and people are talking about things you don't know about.. 

5.) Seeing the questions and not knowing what to write

6.) (having a cold) not being able to cough in fear of being anoying

7.) Having to ask for more paper, they look at you like you've committed a crime

8.) Getting cramp in your hand half way through

9.) Hearing the '5 minutes left' and realising you have so much to write

10.) Getting out of the exam and people are saying completely different answers to what you have        written. 

With exam season coming up quickly I thought I'd put together another 10 things post as my last one got a good response! Good luck with any of your exams :)

Olivia x