L'Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick

If you are as much of a L'Oreal lover as me then I think you will feel the need to buy anything new that they release! So far this year they have brought out some amazing new products with the new sculpt range which I have tried and tested so It was about time I tried something new. I saw these around and was intrigued with the spongy applicator, one that I have seen on a few products and I have to say I like the way it applies the product.

It is their first applicator pen that is meant to create a look which can be used to make ombre and gradient looks. I prefer the full matte looks and I have been loving these two colours especially. They have a velvet touch on the lips which means that they do not dry out  and leave that annoying line in the middle, does anyone else experience this? They do leave a powder like feel after which is different to anything else I have tried but I have to say it has grown on me.

The product is actually in the lid which allows you to have control over how much product you have on the applicator. This also means that you can go for a lighter more subtle look or a full on matte look. 

The one I have been wearing the most is a nude peach shade in the colour 001, This is the most suitable for day to day look for me so I have been choosing this over any other product.

The second one I have chosen to talk about is in the shade 004, this is a really nice berry pink shade which is perfect as it is getting closer to summer so I can't wait to be wearing this more especially with a tan!

Olivia x