Sephora lip stains

While In sephora I picked up two of the Rouge veloute cream lip stain, and lip stains they are! The have incredible staying power and I mean put it on in the morning and still have flawless lip coverage in the evening! It does not budge one bit. I even have to give it 5/5 for it's staying power while drinking, it doesn't leave the annoying stains on glasses. It has a small doe foot which makes it a perfect applicator for precision, However, I do find that it is still quite messy so takes some practice to get the perfect look. Especially with the darker shade that I picked up, It does tend to leave a darker line around the outer lines of my lips.

I got them in the shades 13 and 14, colour 14 is in Blackberry Sorbet, It is  is a dark purple berry shade, perfect for when you want to look edgy and have a bit of vamp to your makeup look. I also picked up a nude because seriously who can ever have too many?? I wear this the most as it is the most natural It is in the colour 12 African Violet.  This is perfect for everyday wear as it is long lasting and really pigmented. I wish I had picked up more of these lip stains as I really love the formula. They are extremely drying on the lips which I have found that it can be fixed with a bit of balm or gloss over the top. I don't find this to be a huge problem as I have said it can be fixed so I personally think that the benefits outweigh the bad sides.