Trying American Candy

Sooo this is really different to what I usually write on here but in recent months I have discovered a shop that sells american candy at a rather cheap price. so I thought i'd get some to try and do a little review post. I didn't take any pictures of individual items above before I ate them... 

The cookie dough bites I would give a 2/5 as they tasted really artificial, not a huge fan of them and I don't think i'd get them again. 

Jolly rancher sweets in the top right I got ages ago in New York and they are delish, I love having one every now an then when I fancy a sweet fix. I'd give them a 5/5.

Twizzlers, I don't even know how people can eat these, they have a texture of plastic and had no taste at all, i'd give them a 0.5/5.  

I found the chewy ones, they taste ok but they are not as nice as the hard sweet versions, I'd give them a 4/5. The blue and green ones have been my favorites still.

My favorites, I know we can get these pretty much everywhere in england but I couldn't resist buying them, i'd give them a 10/10 for these as I could eat them all the time. They had huge ones that were about 10x the size of these small ones, I think i'll have to try these next!

Holy cow these are delish, I tried one of the bars while I was in America and became obsessed, I love these even more as the chocolate to peanut  ratio is perfect. 

Basically a milky way if you are from England, but they have less taste and the chocolate tastes so different to what we are used to. I'd give it a 3/5.

Flipz fudge covered are incredibly nice and totally worth 5/5 whereas the chocolate ones are nice but not as good so i'll give those a 4/5.

This is basically a snickers but again with less taste than one over here, it isn't as salty which is what I love about the snickers. I'd probably give this a 3/5 too. 

Olivia x