My pool side essentials!

Packing for me is incredibly stressful, doesn't matter what it is for, so I have been super organised and made lists of what I will need for different occasions!! This one is for my beach/pool/Holliday bag in general. Whether it is a chill day at the hotel, or going into the mountains to explore, this is what I like to take.

Starting with how I pack, I take my beach bag and then I take a small bag around the size of a makeup bag full of the things I know I will need, this is helpful because you can take the little bag out and throw it in when ever you need it. 
I take, gum, because I like to have it after I have eaten! 
Bobbles, I usually take two incase one breaks or if someone else needs one. 
Headphones, I don't really use these on Holliday as I love to read but I like to know I have them just in case, they are handy to have if you want to chill and just listen to music.
Suncream, I take one for my face and one for my body, I take travel sized ones so they don't take up much room, this is just used for top ups as I apply it in the room usually.
I take my phone camera lenses, I don't like to take my canpera with me incase it gets wet so these are a great alternate option, they are small and don't take up much room either.
Lip balm is a must, the sun dries out the skin so I keep this to stay hydrated throughout the day.
Hand sanitiser or baby wipes, this is handy for the beach as I hate the feel of getting out the sea and feeling sticky, or if you have applied suncream they are great for removing any excess. 
A perfume or spray, usually just used for a freshen up but they are also great and giving you a cooling mist.

Then things that I throw in separately is my tangle teaser as they are the best for notty wet hair! A cover up for going to the bar or when it's time to go get food. A drinks holder, we have them for in the pool which is essential if there is a swim up bar, so many people have been envious this year haha! I like to take a T-Shirt also as this can provide factor10 against the sun, I wear this in the pool when it's extreemly hot just to protect myself even more! 

As always, love Olivia x