Beauty Blenders

I have always chosen the brush over the sponge every time, mostly due to bad experiences in the past. I often went for a cheaper alternative as I didn't want to spend money on something I was unsure about. However, In a past monthly subscription box there was a beauty sponge from Spectrum Cosmetics which I have been trying out and now have multiple of as I have realised how many uses they have. First I only thought that they could be used for liquid products such as foundation or concealer but in actual fact they work amazingly for powder too. The dampness of the sponge really helps it to settle on the face and blend in smoothly with the foundation. The price makes all the difference, or what I have noticed, Some of the cheaper ones are like using rocks to apply makeup where as these particular ones actually feel soft on the face.

The difference between a sponge and a brush is that the brush just moves the product over the face in the motion that you apply it with, therefore creating a mask like effect which makes it look less natural. However, this is better for if you want a flawless full coverage look. Where as the sponge applies the product in patting motions that presses the product into the face creating a natural light coverage. Instead of just sitting on the face it looks smoother by creating thin layers. The problem with this is that it absorbs some of the product which means that you have to take the time to build up the coverage if that is what you are looking for. This is my perfect way of applying my makeup now as it means that you don't go in with too much product to start with, it is buildable meaning you can't go wrong and end up looking cakey.

The only problem that I have with them is that they are extremely hard to clean which leaves them stained, not really a huge problem but it just makes them look dirty. I have tried every way possible to remove the stains and to make them look as good as new but alas I have given up and just accepted that they will look like this. The shape is the reason why I find the so practical. the pointed tip makes it super effective for getting into all of the smaller places on the face such as under the eyes and around the nose. The length of it makes really handy for getting the sculpted look with powder, the straight edges make it easy to get the perfect line under the contour. I am intrigued to try the real techniques ones as I have used those in the past and loved them but They have recently bought out some new ones which I plan on trying out soon!

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Olivia x