Holliday skincare

Skincare is so important but even more so when being exposed to the sun, sea and sand. Yes I'm talking about keeping up the routine while on holiday, it is super important! I find that the sun and salt from the sea along with the chlorine in the swimming pool really work together to put my skin through an awful lot! However I have come up with a small collection of products that can save you while you enjoy your time away. 

Some of these products are on the pricier side, but I am only really basing this on how they work so I'm sure you could apply this to your own products and create your own skincare bag perfect for traveling.

Thee most important thing of all is sunscreen, I don't understand how people don't use it, the sun is so damaging so this year I have been using the la Roche Posay Anthelios XL Anti-shine-dry-touch SPF 50. This is formulated especially for sensitive, fair skin so it has the perfect UVA protection. It has a dry touch texture which means that it doesn't look shiny which is key if you want to wear it bare faced or under makeup! It is super blendable which means you don't have to worry about white marks. 

This product retails at around £12 which is so affordable, I used mine twice a day for two weeks and It barely made a dint in the amount in the tube, meaning it is worth the money!
I have used the La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel for a few years now and tried other in between but this is the one I always end up going back too. It is just the perfect facial wash that foams up into a lather and really leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. It also comes in a fairly large amount for a facial wash so it last's for months which is good, meaning it is worth every penny.
This product retails for £11

I brought my sample size of the Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser  and sadly used it all up while being away, I have had this for a while now so I will finally have to go and grab the full size. This firstly smells amazing! It is almost like a gel on the skin which sinks in quickly leaving it energised and hydrated. I use this in the morning to prepare my skin for the day.

This product retails at £24 but a little goes a long way!
I brought this along as I knew I wouldn't be wearing makeup for a while so I thought why not pamper my skin to get it in really good condition. I have done just that, my skin has been looking so much brighter and clearer from having a much needed two weeks of rest! I also took a sample size of this which gave me four applications which I spread out over the two weeks.

This product retails at £24
I have been using the Clinique moisture surge intense  for a few months now, before this I used the moisture surge but I wanted something a bit more hydrating. I use this as a nighttime moisturiser as it is a heavier formula. By the morning my skin just feels ultra soft and pampered which is what it needs after a day in the sun. I have oily skin which I tend to worry about applying thicker products but I haven't had any trouble with this.
This product retails at £34

I used the Burt's bees lip balm or any other lip balm I had to hand, this is self explanatory, I just hate having dry lips!
This product retails at £3.69

One of the last products I have been using is the Oils of life, intensely revitalising facial oil from the body shop, this came in one of the beauty boxes, I think it was a glossy box. But I brought this with me for nights where my skin felt like it needed that but of extra TLC. This is a lightweight oil that feel soothing on the skin and by morning it has completely been absorbed leaving it plump and hydrated. 
This retails at £28

These are all of the products that I used almost daily that I keep in my travel skincare bag. Most of them are aimed at hydrating and moisturising which is what I don't usually go for on a daily basis but as I said previously the skin is exposed to so much more so it is important to keep it in top condition.

Olivia x