Hot weather and Pokemon hunting

Now this is not a post I thought I would ever write in my life! I have always been one of those girls who is a complete girly girl, I have never been into Pokemon, superheros or any other popular following. But since I met my boyfriend I have been enlightened into this new world and I have to say as much as I don't show it, I love it. I am still a total newbie don't get me wrong but it is great to be into so many new things.

A few days ago we decided to go for a walk, to much my disliking as I didn't realise how popular the app has been! But when we got to the local lakeside it was crazy, so many people varying in ages on their phones hunting for Pokemon. I can see so many benefits from the app too, I have been out loads even if it is just to walk the dog, I have become more active without realising and purely for the Purpose of a game!

It was also really nice to go to a spot in my town where I don't usually go, especially on a nice day when I don't want to waste all of my time in doors. I originally thought we would only be out for an hour or so but this soon turned into a 5 hour venture which is not really a date I ever imagined myself going on. It was also a great photo opportunity with so many flowers, the sunset and swans floating around I just couldn't resist.

*Update, this post has been sitting in my drafts for ages which I totally forgot about, I am still loving this app and have been on so many more 'hunts'. My collection is still growing and I have even started to watch the Tv serieses to really understand what it's all about.