I Passed my A-Levels!

With the 18th getting closer it was hard to think about anything but results day, sleeping, eating and working were all accompanied by the thoughts of how I had done. When it finally arrived it was a rush to log on to UCAS to see the status of my uni options, however with having an unconditional place it hadn't changed. This didn't change how I felt, still nervous and anxious to see the grades on the paper. Fast forward to walking into the school hall filled with people going through the same thing, I made my way over to the table to collect my results paper. I opened it after hesitation and to my surprise there were too distinction stars and a grade C. This was far better than I could have ever imagined I would have done. 

I am so proud of myself for achieving this, even though two of my A-levels were Btec Medical science grades which a lot of people have put me down for as 'it isn't a propper A-Level'. I now want to say that they do count no matter what the level is. I don't think it is fair to put people down for all of their hard efforts. There may not have been exams but there were hours and hours put into all of the course work which make up for the exam pressure. Rant over... It has now sunk in that I am officially a student going to university in three weeks and I am feeling all of the emotions right now. I can't wait to move in and have my own space but im also dreading moving away from my family. 

The thing I loved the most on results day was seeing how happy my family were and seeing other people I knew and on twitter do so well, Even if you didn't do as well as you thought you could have done there will always be a way to achieve what you want to do! 

Did you get the results that you wanted? 
Olivia x