Lets Go To The Beach, Beach.

The past few days have been horrendous weather wise, Supposedly summer? yeah right! But today it has been glorious sunshine so I headed off to the beach. It isn't often you can go to the seaside in england and see the golden sand, people sunbathing and well... the sun. Of course you can't go to the coast without spoiling yourself with ice cream and doughnuts can you?! Rocky Road and Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream hit the spot, and of course with a flake because that is a true ice cream. This however was eaten in a rush as the sun melted it instantly so it was a constant battle of trying to absorb the flavour and appreciate the scenery while also trying to avoid becoming a hot sticky wasp attracting mess.

A walk along all of the shops is a must, most filled with seaside tat that you wouldn't consider buying anywhere else but suddenly it becomes necessary. The stalls selling rock in all colours, flavours and sizes which is also something you have to buy even though you probably won't eat it due to the high sugar levels, enough to make your teeth fall out, but who am I kidding it is the best seaside tradition ever. Then into the arcades, the ones that look so dated and like they haven't been changed since the 60's, but there is something quite nostalgic about jazzy carpets, slot machines and of course the famous 2p machines. They all bring back so many memories of being a child and being given a pound which would last forever as you try to win the toys which is near impossible! (I won some sweets today... just saying)

Back out into the sea air, the one that makes you feel cleansed and also extremely windswept, I headed to the pier which give me great fear as there is just something about being so high up above water being supported by wooden sticks that scares the crap out of me, I took a few polaroids on my new camera which I am totally in love with and it makes the memories seem even more special. On the way back to the car it's time to grab some doughnuts, nothing beats fresh seaside doughnuts covered in sugar and still hot from the fryer! These were enjoyed sitting on a wall people watching, directly across a man with a snake which unsettled me but I would appreciate it from afar.

It was so nice to get away for a few hours and take a stroll along the beach side, it is a far shot from a caribbean beach somewhere but British beaches will always hold a special place, one to go and relax and re live childhood memories!

Olivia x