L'oreal - Pure Clay Glow mask

As soon as I saw these in the Boots store near me I had to grab one, I actually wanted to get a few, there is the glow mask, The purity mask and a Detox mask, but unfortunately so did everyone else and there wasn't much left to choose from. They had completely sold out of the Detox masks which is something I would usually go for, so instead I thought I'd go for something that I had never tried before which is the glow mask.

This mask is a combination of three pure clays that have been combined with red algae extract which is known for its brightening properties which is why this mask is so good for getting glowing skin. It is a weird texture that is something different from the majority of other masks, it has a creamy consistency with tiny grains that helps to exfoliate the skin without drying it out, this also helps to illuminate the natural skin tone. 

The three clays have different roles within the mask, they help to absorb in impurities, eliminate imperfections and clarify the complexion. I have used this a handful of times and I can already start to see instant results of my skin looking softer and brighter. I love this mask for exfoliation as the small grains really do the job when it is being washed off. I have been leaving it to dry for around 10 minutes and then taking a small amount of water and splashing the face. This helps to get the moisture back into the mask turning it into a paste almost. I then gently massage it into my skin for a few minutes before washing it off completely. 
I can also say that this is one of the easiest masks to get off after use, we have all been there, washing one off and then thinking it's all gone but when you look in the mirror you have missed a spot. That is one annoying feeling haha! As I have been massaging it in after I find that I rinses off quickly causing no hassle.

For the looks of this product the packaging is very sleek and high end looking, it is in a class pot with a mint green lid which looks simple but different to a lot of masks that come in squeezy tubes. For me personally I prefer them this way as you can really get the most out of the product and see how much is left. At first I thought it was quite a small pot but I have used this a few times already and I can tell I have got a few more uses yet. As far as scent goes, it does have one but it smells fresh and clean, not too overpowering but just enough for you to notice it. It also comes with a plastic insert which helps to keep the contents of the product in the pot so there isn't a chance of it leaking everywhere.

This product is currently £5 at Boots which is amazing so I am going to head back soon and grab the 
others to try as I have loved the results from this mask so far!

Olivia x