Outback Adventures In The Dominican!

I have always been a huge lover of traveling, be it within the same county or traveling halfway across the world. I also love they type of holidays where you go to purely relax, Fly and flop if you will. However, I can never just go away and stay in the hotel, the resorts are basically smokescreens of luxury that hide the nature of the place you are visiting. While in the dominican I went on an outback safari, where there were about 20 people all sitting in the big truck that took us around the local area of Punta Cana.

This was an all day trip that involved visiting a typical dominican home where we got to meet the lovely family that owned it. While being there we were given a tour around their home and then got to taste the freshly made coffee and see how they made it. We also drove by local villages and saw the schools that they went to, By doing this it really was an eye opener to how poor the country is. With that in mind all of the people were smiling and waving as we passed by them on their way to work.

The dominican is mostly farm land, they also have some amazing wildlife and flowers there too which I had to take advantage of.

While at the Dominican home, they showed us how they make a living by having their own plantations. They gave us a demonstration on how they grow the coffee, dry it out and then roast it with cinnamon to give it a unique taste. One that I would taste thousands of times, it is the only time I have ever drank pure black coffee and liked it.

They also showed us how they create chocolate by taking the cocoa plant and taking the contents and drying it out. Before it turns this brown colour it is actually white with a weird texture that tastes almost like mango. We were given a piece to try which is so weird because it really doesn't taste anything like the chocolate we can buy at home.

We also visited a plantation where they grew sugar cane, plantain and made cigars. They gave use a tutorial on how to make them step by step. This involved adding different flavours which made them smell divine. There was also an opportunity to try one but as a non smoker myself I declined the offer. There was also a local rum shack with a lot of the local produce that you could sample and buy, this was the same with everything we saw on the trip too.

After visiting the plantations we all enjoyed a meal around a large table that had sharing bowls of typical foods in the Dominican such as fried chicken, rice and beans and veg, this was delicious and even more exciting as we were sitting in the hills with a great view of a huge tropical storm.
After this we drove to a beach where there was an opportunity to go boogie boarding in the caribbean sea, however it was still pouring so as typical brits we all decided to head back to the hotels instead of braving it in the rain.

This is the Dominican house we visited on the trip, as you can see there are multiple buildings and this is how they live. Each section of the house is in a different building, therefore they have bedrooms in one, toilets in another and the kitchen in the next. They are all painted bright colours and all seemed to be made out of wood and tin. These houses were very simple but you could tell that they had used all of the resources they had at hand.

For cooking they used big wooden stoves to the back of the house where things would cook for 2+ hours. They also had a gas stove but as they lived far away from the local village they limited the use of this as they didn't have much gas.

On the plantation they had an array of native animals such as iguanas, crocodiles and flamingos, we learnt about each individual animal and how they survive in the Dominican. This was all delivered by our amazing tour guide Juan who had amazing english so it was easy to understand and learn. This trip has to be one of my favorites I have been on as he shared all of his knowledge about the places we visited, he had so much passion and love for his country that it felt genuine instead of it being forced out. This meant that he could answer questions with no problems at all.

This adventure was an all inclusive day, at the beginning we were all given a reusable tumbler that was constantly filled up throughout the day with options of water, rum and coke or beer. I'm not talking about our typical shots of rum either, im talking about their being less coke haha! It made it even better that Outback Adventures supports the local schools and education programs throughout the Dominican Republic, We were shown some of the projects that have already been completed with the money which made it even more worthwhile seeing the difference that it was making.

Olivia x