Saona Island - Dominican Republic

Another holiday post, This time it is based on a beautiful island, the island of Saona, it was breathtakingly beautiful and part of another amazing day trip. It is truly a Caribbean oasis that is off the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, it was originally named 'Adamany' by the Taino Indians but was later renamed by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage to the americas. 

The day started off with a coach journey from the hotel to a marina where there was a speed boat waiting for us, this was an amazing way to get to the island, the ride was 2 hours in total. The boat glided across the caribbean ocean gracefully creating a needed brease. Halfway to the Island the boat stopped in a waist deep natural swimming pool, this was a surreal experience as you were literally stood in the middle of the sea. The water was extremely transparent meaning you could see the seabed and fish swimming around. We were also lucky enough to see some starfish which we were allowed to pick up and have photos with!

*Sorry about the quality of these photos, I only had a waterproof bag with my phone in, unfortunately this steamed up due to the heat so the photos are slightly cloudy!:(

After this we boarded the boat once again and sped off towards the island itself, this was a literal paradise with beautiful palm trees and white sand beaches surrounded by the turquoise waters. While on the Island I enjoyed a few dips in the water, laid on the beach beds to catch some sun, and enjoyed the open bar that was set up on the beach. For dinner they served pasta, bread, veg and had a BBQ with chicken, pork and fish, they also had salads and fruit to tuck into while relaxing on the beach.

Casually laying on  a palm tree isn't as easy as people make it look! This took a few attempts and it was still the most awkward position ever! None the less it had amazing views and I feel lucky that I have been able to visit such a beautiful place.

These photos do not do this place justice, this island has also been used by many film produces to hold many bach sets which is pretty bloomin' awesome. Some of the such as one of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic park and Blue Lagoon.

After a few hours of total relaxation we headed back towards the boat, this time it was a slow moving catamaran that played native music, the staff were entertaining aboard the boat and went around dancing with people on board. this was a relaxing way to end the day while floating past the nearby islands.  This too had an open bar, you didn't have to worry about anything while on this trip it was all provided for you.

Olivia x