Urban Decay - All Nighter Spray

Setting sprays have become a new edition into my makeup collection over the past year. I never saw much point at first as I hadn't given them a chance. However, I want my makeup to last all night so now they are  a staple in my everyday makeup routine and I notice that if I don't use one to set my face everything melts away, quite literally. This particular spray was a lifesaver while away in the dominican where I felt like I melted into a puddle every time I left the nice Air conditioned room.

I have been using this after my face is complete with foundation, powder and all, I use around 6 sprays across the whole face to make sure every inch is completely covered and locked into place. Almost like a hairspray but for your skin if you will. It does feel really wet after a spritz but once it has dried and had time to settle it has worked its magic. I find that after using this my complexion looks incredible, that kind of look that you achieve a few hours into wearing makeup before it all melts off. But with the help of this spray that doesn't happen, you just walk around looking flawless all day. 

Another use which I really appreciate when it comes to doing eyeshadow, especially while using pigments, glitters or even shimmery shadows. I simply spritz onto said brush that I am using and swoosh through the pigment as usual and sweep onto the lid creating an incredible foiled application. One that dries in seconds and doesn't leave you with a disappointed feeling that I usually get while using these pigments as they are some what lack luster. 

Finally, can we talk about this sleek packaging, it is simple and to the point which I love, I like the pop of purple it has with the writing and on the lid which is the Urban decay's signature colour.
The spray applicator itself is the best part, it is more of a fine mist, not one that makes you jump as it comes out in force but simply lands over your complexion gently. With each spray there is a perfect amount without leaving your face too wet or sticky but not so that you have to apply 1000 times to feel like anything is happening.

I don't think I can ever return to the non setting spray days, at last the days of reapplying makeup throughout the day have gone, I for one welcome the flawless looking complexion that can be created with a few sprays in the matter of seconds. I am still very new to this so I am on the hunt for more to try out, If you have any recommendations leave below!

Olivia x