Clinique Moisture Surge Reviews

Hydration is important to keep your skin looking fresh and plump, I use a verity of moisturises in my daily routine but the Clique Moisture Surge Range is one of my most used and repeat buys. my skin is a combination of oily but sometimes depending on the season and weather it can become extremely dry. Especially around the mouth and nose areas. As soon as I saw this I knew it would be something to try out as it is meant for thirst relief. There are two moisturises that I have tried and tested so far but I am certainly going to look into the rest of the range.

The Moisture Surge Extended Thirst relief (here) retails at £34 which is probably the most I have spent on a singular skin care product but from just one tub it has lasted me around 4 months which is incredible. It is a light, gel texture which really plumps up the skin with hydration after just one use. The gel formula means that a small amount goes a long way, usually when a product says a pea sized amount I can't help but laugh because it is never true but for this it would fit perfectly. It reduces any tightness that is caused from being dry within 24 hours leaving your complexion looking smoother and vibrant.

After trying the lighter gel formula I had to go and grab the Moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator (here) is the same price and again it has lasted around the same length of time. It has a richer texture more like a cream gel instead of a light gel. It is oil free which is great as I usually get worried about using heavier moisturisers with having oily skin so this makes it a perfect match. I have been using this for a nightie hydration fix as I find it too heavy to wear under a face of makeup. Unless I have a length of time for it to truly sink in and work its magic. Using this every day has really helped to keep the skin's moisture in tact leaving it happy and healthy. 

Now that I have my routine down to a T, I am so happy that these two gems have a firm place in my collection to keep my skin at its optimum condition. I would recommend these to anyone who has similar skin to me and also needs an intense hydrator, these would be perfect!

Olivia x