Garnier - Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I have seen this mask just about everywhere on social media recently and as soon as I saw a sheet mask on the high street for a reasonable price £1.49 or even 99p at Boots at the moment, which Is where I stocked up, I had to go out and grab three of course. As this has been advertised so much I am often sceptical about how great the product will actually be but if you want to see my review read on...

I use masks on average about 3-4 times a week, swapping and changing between the different results they are supposed to give. The thing about tissue masks that I love the most is that they are mess free compared to the traditional clay style masks and I find them to be super effective. Some of the sheet masks I have tried before tend to be really big on the face which means you have a lot of excess, I didn't have that problem with the moisture bomb and it sat perfectly across my face with the pre-cut, eyes and mouth holes. This made the application process quick and stress fee meaning if can be done if you have a time schedule. 

I leave the mask on for a minimum of 15 minutes depending on how hydrated my skin feels which is usually not very at this point in time. The tissue masks are saturated in a hydrating serum with lots of ingredients that is brilliant for your skin. To get the best results the tissue mask should be directly applied onto the skin and left to let it sink in. I can say 100% that this is one of the best hydrating masks I have used, my skin felt so plump and bouncy after just one use and was left looking visibly brighter.  My over all thoughts on this mask is that it is easy to use, especially if you are the kind of person who doesn't have much time to preform a full blown skin care routine, It takes 15 minutes and can be worn while hanging around the house. I even use the excess serum after taking the mask off to rub into the skin leaving it even more hydrated and it means you get the most out of the product. 

I have used this mask a few times now and every time I have been impressed, I can see other brands bringing out tissue masks to the high street which I am excited for. They are one of my favourite parts of my skin care routine and the Moisture Bomb tissue mask has made a huge difference in my complexion. 

Olivia x