Student Meal No.1

So being a student away from home means you have to cook for yourself, For me this is an easy task as I did a food based GCSE and often cooked at home. I thought I would do recipes throughout the year as I try them out and see if I like them. I have been here for only 2 weeks now so I am no expert but I think I have got it sussed when it comes to buying what I need.

The freezer is your best friend, buy a bulk of any meet, fish, veg you name it and throw it in the freezer. I bought a pack of chicken breast and froze them individually so that I can get one out the night before and have have no waste. You will also need to get over the idea that everything is expensive, If you meal plan before you can easily get everything you need for an affordable price. For example I went to Asda and did a food shop and spent £50, from this I have at a months worth of food apart from the occasional top up. This will help keep you full up and also keep your bank happy!

This meal is a Chicken and Bacon pasta with a creamy sauce. I love to eat healthily and watch what goes into my food, I hate ready meals as I want to know that it is as fresh as possible.

I Chicken Breast
4-5 Mushrooms sliced
70g pasta
1/3 tub of light cream cheese
Grated cheese optional

I began by chopping the chicken into chunks and slicing the mushrooms, I then added the chicken to a frying pan with some fry light spray and cooked it till it is done basically. I then put the pasta on to cook so that everything would be finished at the same time.

When the chicken is cooked throw in the mushrooms and any seasoning you want. I added garlic, chilli, pepper and mixed herbs just because I love my food to have a tonne of flavour. When this is all cooked and ready to eat take I took it off the heat and added in the cream cheese, this will melt into a cream sauce and blend with all of the seasoning to make it taste delish!

By now the pasta will be cooked so all you need to do is drain it and throw it into the frying pan along with everything else, stir it all together and your meal is ready. You can also add extra cheese if you want it to be even yummier.

This is the first of my quick easy student meals, If you try it out let me know what you think! Another tip, If you make too much you can take a portion of the chicken and mushroom to the side and add pasta with a salad for a lunch the next day! 

Olivia x