Best of Bright Beauty Set!

I had heard amazing things about Pixi beauty but I had never managed to get my hands on anything, I kindly received this for Christmas so that I could test out some of the cult products that aim to get you glowing from the outside. This trio is the best of bright kit, all aimed at getting your skin to glow. They are deluxe sized which means you can really get a feel for them before taking the plunge and splurging on the full sized range. I have already purchased the Glow tonic and Glow mud mask after testing them out for 2 weeks and I wouldn't go back. I have always been a matte person, but I have realised that my skin can glow and still be matte, it will just look healthier and radiant instead of dull and flat.  This set has really helped change my opinion on skincare for the better, I have noticed amazing results and I am feeling so much more confident with myself. 

I have been using this 15 minute facial mask twice a week which has given me great results. As an avid mask user this has been a great addition to my collection which is why I have purchased the bigger size as I know I want it to stick around for longer! It is a clay-based mask which I do favour as they are simple to use and hassle free. It contains Kaolin clay and sea salt which helps to draw out any impurities which may be lurking in the skin, removing this helps to quickly gain back the skins natural clarity. Within the mix it also contains botanical extracts containing Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Ginseng and Jojoba which all have individual properties to help sooth, brighten and heal the skin. Hence why you notice results straight away. The morning after I have noticed that my skin has perked up with a plump and hydrated texture. This is really a must have to any collection weather you have a lacklustre complexion or just need an added boost! Another thing I really like about this mask is that it comes in the squeeze packaging which means there is no mess and you don't have to mess around with a tub of product. 

I have been stuck In a root with cleansers, switching between Cetaphil and the Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish which I like to stay loyal too. I adore them but sometimes it is refreshing to switch things up and give your skin something a little different otherwise it will get used to the same things and you won't notice any difference. This one is a brightening and clarifying and also made with 'mud' like the mask. It is gentle on the skin and contains 5% glycolic acid which is a natural chemical exfoliate meaning you don't have to scrub your face harshly. This helps to remove and dead skin cells and debris that may be sitting on the surface of your skin. leaving it healthy and 'brand new' without disturbing the sensitivity. Along with this it also has a detoxifying formula means it purifies, soothes and hydrates dues to the ingredients. This has been used morning and evening followed by the Glow Tonic or mud mask. It mentioned that there may be a tingling sensation after use but I can't say I have notice, even though I usually ignore that as to me it feels as though it is working hard.  

Tonics have never been a part of my collection, I have bought them with the intention of using them but they are soon pushed to the side without a second looking. This Is because I have never noticed any difference until now. This little bottle is magic I swear, it is refreshing and of course also helps to produce a natural glow. I looked into how it works, it simply tones and conditions your skin after cleansing along with a gentle exfoliation due to  the glycolic acid. The ingredients has been blended to sooth, firm and also promote blood flow to the surface which will then give your complexion a natural and fresh radiance. The full sized bottle retails at £18 which is really affordable given how much is needed at one use. I have extremely sensitive skin and this hasn't had any effect on that which is truly amazing. To use this I apply a few drops on to a cotton pad and wipe it across my face, this is usually just in the evening but it can be used morning also. I will continue to use this and will follow up on it in the future but after two weeks of continuous use I know it will be a good end result!

The set retails at 20 pounds which is the equivalent to a bottle of the Glow tonic so really it is an absolute steal to try them all! Find it here - Best of bright kit

Have you tried any Pixi products? if so what is your favourite? 
Olivia x