Favourite Fragrance! - January

This was the first of my now expensive obsession, I had always been one to look at peoples Jo Malone collections in lust but now I finally have one to call my own. I don't just love the perfume even though this one is by far my favourite of them all, I enjoy the whole experience of going and smelling them all. Then when you go to pay and the assistants take their time to make it look so pretty and personal. They really are one of the nicest gifts either to yourself or for others. I believe this particular scent came out in September which wasn't too long ago so it is still fairly new. It has mists of golden mimosa which blends with the spiciness of the cardamom. Something I would never have put together but it just works so well. There are other notes within but I am simply the worst at describing scents other then saying it just smells good!

This particular Cologne reminds me of something that I have smelt in the past which also makes me think of past memories but I just can't seem to pinpoint where I have smelt this before. This makes it even nicer for me as it makes me feel happy when I wear it.  It is a very spicy fragrance but also warming which I believe goes hand in hand together. It has quickly become my go to Cologne for the autumn/winter months as it adds a slight freshness but not too floral like those I'd prefer in the summer. It is a light scent perfect for all day everyday unlike some that can be more of an 'evening perfume' it really surprised me at how different it was to what I would have expected. 

I got this in the run up to christmas so they had all of the festive ribbons which I was so happy to get as it just looks so pretty and elegant. The lady took the perfume and placed it into a lovely box then tied a ribbon around that, then it was placed into a bag with tissue paper that had been sprayed with another scent which was a lovely addition. Then of course it had been tied again which just made the whole experience feel special. The bottles look perfect, they are clear and simple to the point. it is the type of fragrance that I want sitting on display and not hidden away in a cupboard. I have used this constantly since I got it and I never get tired of the scent. I sprits it on in the morning and throughout the day it surprises me that I can still smell it which is the best thing ever, a Fragrance that actually lasts?!

What's your favourite fragrance at the moment?