Garnier Body Ultimate Blends Review

Winter is officially here, it is now time for scarf and hat weather! I am not complaining at all as I love this time of year, but with the cold weather comes dry skin! I have very sensitive skin and it tends to get irritated easily, So when I saw that Garnier had an Ultimate Blends Body range I had to try it out as I loved the shampoo and conditioner!

I chose the Delicate Oat Soothing Hydrating Lotion that has been specially made for sensitive and dry skin so this ticked all of the boxes for me. The formula is really rich and creamy but has the light texture of a lotion. I love this as it acts like a body butter but I really don't like the feel of anything on my skin. I have been using this for 2 weeks every night before I go to bed and I have noticed a huge difference already, I feel nourished with silky skin. The lotion is light as I said previously so it is perfect for anytime application and you don't have to worry about waiting forever for it to dry! The scent is minimal but it does have a really relaxing vanilla/almond aroma to it, this is why I love using it before bed or on those days when your skin needs that extra TLC, I am a huge fan of sweet scents and would chose them over fresher floral fragrances any day.

Oh and while we are on about how great this product is, can we just praise and appreciate the packaging?! It has a pump, yes you don't have to scrape your hands through a tub which I find really unhygienic, or the rubbish squeeze tubes that you cant use after you get the product on your hands because they are too slippery...  you know the ones. This has a simple pump that gives you the right amount each time, I like to do sections of my body at a time with moisturiser and with this it means I have just the right amount and don't end up with too much and wasting some. I can tell this is going to last me a while as I try and moisturise every day but sometimes I simply can't be bothered so I can get a lot of use from one bottle.

This bottle retails at £4.49 - Get it here