It hasn't been that bad...

So it appears that it has become a trend to hate 2016, as I think we can all agree that has seemed to be a bad year within the media. But Looking back and seeing how much I have achieved personally has made me realise that this year has been great and I am even more excited about the year ahead. You may be thinking who's this? where have you been? Well I have taken a step back from the blogging front but I am happy to say that I am making a return and this will be my first post of 2017 with many more to follow.  As it is the first of January this is my review and plans for the past and present months. I hope this year will be as good as the last! (personally) 

Looking back - 

1 - I went to New York for the first time (during a huge snow storm!)
2 - I passed my driving test first time around
3 - I started my youtube channel (more to come this year) 
4 - Visited the Dominican Republic and had some amazing experiences 
5 - I passed my A-Levels
6 - I moved to university 
7 - Survived my first semester
8 - Met some amazing new friends
9 - Two new additions to the family (Kittens)
10 - A new baby cousin has joined the family
11 - I met my best friend and now boyfriend
12 - Reached 2000 followers on Instagram which was a big thing for me!
13 - Started a new Part-time job 

New Year goals

- Make more time for myself -
This year I want to focus on being truly happy with myself, both my personality and my self image.

- Go to the gym more - 
I know, I know it seems very ironic for the new year but I mean it, before christmas happened I was being so healthy and fit but I want to maintain it threw the next year.

- Continue to learn Spanish - 
I started this year but I would love to carry it on and maintain a level where I am confident to speak it.

- Visit America again -
hehe, this is an easy one as I am heading to Disney world in September!

Have you set yourself any goals for the new year? 
Olivia x