Oils Of Life

This intensely revitalising facial oil comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a built in pipet that allows you to apply the perfect amount to your face. I have been LOVING oils at the moment after avoiding them for years. I had it in my head that because I have naturally oily skin you need to dry it out, however I have found that the more hydrated my skin is, the amount of oil that is created becomes reduced.  I received a sample of this halfway through last year in a subscription box and I couldn't put it down. I held off purchasing the full size as it does come with a price tag of £28, I know there are products out there that are even more expensive but I am someone who likes to shop a bargain and tends to stick to high street prices. This blend of oil is made up of 3 seed oils from around the world, they have been picked to help repair the skins natural properties. Black cumin seed, camellia seed and Rosehip oil, it may sound heavy but is surprisingly light which means it can be used daily to intensely moistures the skin which leave it looking radiant.

I have been using this every evening for the past month and I have noticed a huge difference, not only is my skin softer, clearer and visibly brighter but I have noticed that applying makeup has even become easier. My skin feels so healthy and soft which gives me a great base to start with. Not only has this made my mornings quicker but it also allows me to enjoy putting makeup on as I feel comfortable in my skin. I use it in the evenings,  applying a thin layer before bed it is quickly absorbed and doesn't feely sticky or greasy. This has become an important part of my skincare routine as it feels more luxurious so I look forward to applying it. I like to take 10 minutes to really cleanse my skin and then apply this and massage it in for a while to really treat my skin after a busy day. With it being in a glass bottle with a built in pipet it feels as though you are really taking some me time and winding down which I have been trying to do every evening.

Do you like using facial oils? If so which ones are you favourite?

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Olivia x