Spectrum Collections Makeup brushes!

This is probably one of my favourite posts that I have ever sat down to write as it is just so colourful and something I have been meaning to write for a while now. My brush collection is fairly large for the average person but I have become so invested in the type of tools I am using for my makeup. I have a variety of brands within my brush pots but one has really stood out to me which is Spectrum Collections. I have seen them all over social media and they are honestly my favourites and I choose them over any other. I have a few now ranging from eyes to face which has given me a complete set of perfect brushes that I have built up over the past year. The thing that excites me the most is the pretty colours and designs, if we are applying colourful makeup then why not use bright brushes! They are a huge contrast to the typical black or just plain colour brushes you can puck up from anywhere else, hence making them my favourite. 

For any of you vegans out there or people like me that likes to invest in cruelty-free options wherever possible then these are for you. Again, another reason for you to love them. I started out with buying an eye set I think, it was a while ago... All of the brushes are fluffy and perfect for blending, this is again one of the things that made me want them even more as I prefer this type over flat 'hard' brushes you would typically use for the application. So they are fluffy, soft, perfect for blending but also great for the application of an eyeshadow even down to the smaller detailing brushes which means you can get a whole look using this brand. For me personally the price of them is reasonable, with single brushes below 10 pound. If you are after an even bigger deal you could grab one of the sets which range in price but you can get some amazing deals if you consider the amount of brushes you get. If you take the time to look at the beautiful collections they have you will be amazed, I opted for the standard ones they do. The ones with the blue and purple bristles and the pink handles, because who doesn't love pink?! Even better still I actually picked these up in a sale that they did over christmas which made them even more affordable so I splashed out and bought a few I already had that I use all of the time. Along with some face brushes of all varieties that I am still testing out to see which ones work for which products best. 

They are truly beautiful brushes which makes doing makeup even more enjoyable, no wonder they have become a social media sensation. Especially with the marble collection!

Olivia x