A Taste Of Wahaca - Covent Garden

On Wednesday I ventured into London to meet my dad as we meet up every so often and go out for a nice meal together. This weeks choice was Wahaca, somewhere I have never been to before but  knew I would love it as it is all Mexican food! As it lived up to its expectations I decided to do a mini review, again another thing I have never done before or at least from what I can remember. 

Before we ordered the lovely server came over for our drink orders, she also offered us a range of nibbles to keep us happy until our meals came. We opted for some tomato salsa & chips, the salsa was so fresh which went well with the home cooked tortilla chips! I also got a Passionfruit Margarita but I forgot to snap a photo but take my opinion that it was bloomin' lovely.

There was so much to chose from on the menu ranging from 'street food' ie smaller portions that you could try two of or they had a full range of bigger meals that included salads, burritos and enchiladas. In the end we chose one of the sharing selections that aloud you to try many things on the menu at once, above I have put a photo of what cam with the selection we went for.  

The first things that arrived to the table were the Pork pibil tacos and the Chicken tinga tacos, I really enjoyed these the pork was cooked in a Yucatecan marinade and then served with a fiery pink pickled onions. The blend of flavours was amazing and I would go back just to eat those again! The Grilled chicken thigh tacos that has been cooked in a chipotle & tomato sauce was also delicious, perfect little portions that left you wanting another. 

The rest came all at once, I couldn't tell you what's what but it was fun trying and getting a little surprise every time! We had Crispy prawn tacos that are actually new to the menu, they were Corn tortillas stuffed with chopped prawn, YUM! Flavoured with chillies, spring onion & coriander and served with guacamole, tomato salsa & chipotle mayo. Chilli quesadilla made of Sweet sautéed onions & jalapeño chillies, with feta. Which I would advise those of you who don't like spice to stay away! This was so full of flavour but I did have to eat little bits at a time as my mouth couldn't handle the spice. I didn't actually read what was in it until I cam to write up this post and now I totally understand why it had so much heat. Next were the huitlacoche empanadas that were stuffed with mushrooms, truffley Mexican corn & melted cheese all cased in a crispy pastry parcel. Three things that I love in one so I especially enjoyed this. Last but not least were the Sweet potato's, the one thing I wasn't too fussed about when I read it but they were the best part! I don't know how they got them to taste so amazing but I will be heading back just for those.

Another thing that we got to try was the salmon sashimi tostada, This was my favourite thing to try, along with the sweet potato's. I am a huge fan of salmon or fish in general, this was basically raw salmon flavoured with fresh lime, soy and onions. Then on top it has a few slices of avocado which were perfectly ripe with a creamy texture and some chipotle mayo. It all worked just so well together. I think the reason I enjoyed this the most was the variety of texture within the portion, it was fun to eat and really tasty. 

Last from the sharing selection were some churros served with chocolate, they were simply yummy, anything that involves chocolate is a huge winner for me. The only thing that I got annoyed about even though it wasn't a problem at all is that you get three churros between two, we snapped one in half but I don't know it just bothered me haha!

I hope you enjoyed this mini restaurant review, The place itself was really fun to eat at, it had been decorated to look authentic and after having been to Mexico a few times myself I could see that they had done their research. The portion sizes that we had were really good as you got to taste a lot at a time but in miniature form! I would Love to go back and try something else maybe something from the meals menu. They also had a good range of cocktails which I tried one or two including a very nice vanilla and mango mojito, just try it. The servers were friendly and the food was brought out quickly which was good because I had build up my appetite all day so I was so hungry. I enjoyed every mouthful and would recommend to anyone who likes this type of food. 

Olivia x