Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette - Review

 I cant believe I have the Anastasia Beverly hill Modern Renaissance Palette it is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen! This is also my first product from Anastasia Beverly hill so I am even more obsessed that I have joined the hype. Well saying that, this was actually a gift from my flat mates at uni for my birthday as they know how much I obsess over makeup so yes I am even more amazed I own it as I never thought I would. I have stalked this constantly on peoples social media as I couldn't stop looking at how pretty it is. I is completely different to anything else I own which I probable say in ever post but this one actually has colour in it instead of just being neutral!

However... this palette has a casing of pink velvet, the one and only fabric that I despise with ever bone in my body, I hate the feel of it, it goes through me but like the Urban decay Naked palette I can put that  factor to the side.  So when you open the palette there are a mixture of mattes and metallic shades, 14 to be exact. 14 extremely pigmented eye shadows that have a beautiful range of pinks, taupe's and berries. The matte shades do outweigh the metallic ones by 11:3 but I personally don't mind that as I stick to the mattes and then add a bit of shimmer so it is a perfect ratio for me.  With the palette you also receive a duel ended makeup brush which I have actually used which I don't normally do. I love the fluffy end for blending so it is nice that you have the brush for that. 

If you are searching for a variety of warm toned eye shadows then this palette has been created for you, especially the burnt orange colour which is a dream. I have been using one from mac so id always have to take two palettes with me just for the orange shade but now I have it within a beautiful set!

Here is a list of the shades and my interpretations on the colours!

Tempera - Matte, Beige
Golden Ochre - Matte, Yellow Tone 
Vermeer - Iridescent Pink
Buon Fresco - Matte Lavender
Antique Bronze - Chocolate with a gold shimmer
Love Letter - Matte Raspberry
Cyprus Umber  - Matte Rich Brown 
Raw Sienna -  Matte Amber
Burnt Orange - Deep Matte Orange
Primavera - Shimmering Gold 
Red Ochre - Matte Red-ish
Venetian Red - Matte Crimson
Warm Taupe -  Grey/Beige
Realgar - Matte Orange! 

Olivia x