Back to basics!

I posted this photo on Instagram a few days ago without the intentions of turning it into a blog post but I got thinking and realised I haven't done a 'what's on my face' style post for ages now. So here is it!

Going back to basics quite literally with the fist ever Naked Palette, the first ever high end makeup item in my collection and still one of my favourites. As you can see there has been some lovin' going on with it as most of the colours have huge dints in! This is probably the only Naked palette that I have used every colour in hence why it is still my fave! I am trying to go through my makeup and use older things more as I tend to get new things and push them aside but most of the time if you go back to basics you will find what you love again.

For lips I kept this look super simple with a Nyx butter gloss, just a hint of colour but makes your lips look super shiny and lush. I also planned this look with spring in mind, lots of neutral shades and tones with plenty of highlights. One reason why I chose a gloss is because I find them to be really neutral, not too in your face and they are way more hydrating then mattes which I like to keep for winter.

For the base layer I chose Good To Glow from Rimmel, Its basically a highlighter in liquid form, I like to add a few drops to any foundation layer to give my face more of a glow and healthy look. I love using matte foundations all year round but in the summer they tend to look flat and dull while the sun is shining so I add a few drops of this as a cheat, it also means you don't have to go out and spend money on a foundation with a different finish too! Just a little hack for you guys. 

Last but not least the Rockateur blusher from Benefit, another product that I have used for a while but have not picked it up recently, mostly because I don't tend to use blush as much. In the spring, summer I like to put away my contour kits and reach for a blush for a more natural look, again what this whole look was based on. This blush is coral coloured with shimmer, also adding to the glowing look I am trying to create, you see what I'm getting at?? 

I hope you liked this as it is something I haven't done for a while!