Bourjois Les Smokey Palette - Review

Here is another smokey palette that has recently joined my growing collection. But unlike the others that I own this one has a significant difference... It is all glitter shades! and I bloomin' love em. This is the Bourjois Les Smokey Palette which retails at £11.99 at boots. I have been so obsessed with matte shades for the longest time but now I am embracing the sparkle and releasing my inner unicorn haha. One of the key things that made this compact stand out to me is that the colours are all really dark and tones that are perfect for evening wear which as a student is essential. There are 8 shades all together ranging from bright white to black which is essential for Any evening out. But then in the middle you have the most amazing blue glittery shade which I am yet to use but I have swatched numerous times. Then you have a purple, gold and silver so really you can create any look from one little palette. 

I adore the packaging along with the rest of the Bourjois products it is very elegant and french looking all bundled up into the neat hand sized compact! you can flip the lid open with reveals a full sized mirror that expands the full length of the shadows which makes it ideal for traveling. The only problem I have found is that the shadows are really close together and the pigments do sometimes mix but it isn't a huge issue. You also receive one of the sponge type applicators which I usually throw away if i'm being honest.  The mirror can also be rotated which makes it so handy if you are using it to apply the shadows as it means you can get a better grip and you don't get covered in the other colours. 

The shades are really creamy and easy to blend out even the black shade is gorgeous which Is usually a colour end up having problems with as its too grey but this one is a really deep black tone. Overall I am really impressed by the quality of this product, from the colours that have been chosen to the robustness of the plastic packaging which means it is less likely to get dirty and will last longer!

I bought this palette from boots and it is currently on offer where you get a free gift if you spend over £12 so I got a mascara to complete the look and then got a free lipstick! You can find the palette here!

Olivia x