Liz Earle EyeBright Sooting Lotion - Review

Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser has been part of my skin care routine for around two years now, I have only really tested the cleanse and polish before as cleansing was really the only thing I would do. Recently I have been expanding my collection of skin care products so now I have incorporated a few more things along with the Eyebright soothing eye lotion also from Liz Earle.  

With this lotion I have been taking it on a cotton pad and applying it to my eyes, holding it there for a couple of minutes and then wiping away to leave my eyes feeling cooler and refreshed. You can also do this for longer amounts of time to really give them a deep treatment if they are feeling extra tired. It has a really organic smell sort of Herby scent which I love as it doesn't smell of harsh chemicals that I wouldn't want near my eyes. It is very spar like and relaxing which is why I like to use it before bed so that when I wake up my eyes feel awake and not puffy. I love the Packaging, like the rest of Liz Earle products it has the same neutral tones very sophisticated and again spa like. Another feature I really like is the twist up lid which means you can control how much product comes out. This also means that there will be no accidental spillages because you don't have to worry about applying a lid you just simply twist and seal. 

I some times use this as a first step to remove eye makeup and then go in the second time with a cleanser after to really remove any traces left around my eyes. I would also like to add that I have really sensitive eyes which I always get worried about when using new products that are centred around them, this has had no effect on them at all. In fact I feel as though my eyes get on really well with this so I have nothing to worry about now.  My overall opinions on the Eye Bright Soothing Lotion is that it does what it says on the bottle, literally! It is another step in my routine that I wouldn't take away and it has benefited me already from using it for just a month. I can't say that I use it every day as sometimes I forget, I do use it if I have been wearing heavy eye makeup as I want to be sure to remove it all and also give my eyes a little treat at the same time. 

This bottle is 150mm and its only £13.25 which is an absolute steal if  you think about the tiny amount that is needed at a time. It is really great value and will last you a while. I cant wait to continue using this and I know for sure I will be repurchasing in the future! You can find it here!

Olivia x

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