My Blog turns 3!

Three years ago as of the 15th of Feb I started to write on Describe as it was back then, I know not a huge change but I wanted to incorporate my name to enable me to write about anything that interests me and not just things beauty related. It has been amazing to see the change happen over those 3 years. I love that my blog is still small and personal (purely because I take 6 month breaks ever year) so I guess people aren't that interested but I still like that I have my own outlet to write about whatever I want. 

As it has been three years I thought I would share some pictures from over the years as that is the thing I have been most proud of. The one above is from my first ever makeup routine, taken on  a tea towel as a background, I had the right Idea but it doesn't look good as a clean background that I am used to now.  This was taken on my Iphone 4s, I had no idea about editing or even knew how important it is. Not all the time I know but it can make a huge difference. I can still see a few products in that group that I still use every day now! I'm looking at you collection concealer... 

First ever shampoo review, empty and propped up against a cushion, not bad! One thing I always do is test out the product for a while before it even gets written about, a thing I have clearly followed from the beginning. 

Onto 2016 photos, there isn't much of a change compared to now I must say! I have just had a camera upgrade so I am using different lenses. I do have to say I will always be loyal to a good old flat lay. It's also amazing to see that I still love and use most of the products that I have been talking about over the last three years. 

The last two are more recent, The spectrum brush photos are my favourites as they actually used another one I took on their Instagram which felt amazing to me. Just to know that a brand I love using appreciated my review and pictures. 

Thank you to those of you who have been following along from the start! And also to those who have just started reading (If you have I'd love it if you stick around!) Blogging is one of my favourite things to do, even though I have never been consistent it will always be the one thing I return to. It has now even lead me to starting my own youtube channel, one thing I thought I would never have the confidence to do. I can't wait to see where it takes me over the next three years!

Im done being soppy now!

Olivia x