Primark copper and marble stationary!

Never have I wanted a stationary set as much as when I saw this marble and copper concoction in Primark. Nor did I expect to see this in Primark full stop, it is simply beautiful, clean and all round perfect for any of those who love the current trend. There is a whole lot more to the collection but I don't really use much in the way of planning but I picked up the Marble note book that is detailed with a copper ring bind and the word notes across the front as I like to jot down a few things from time to time and I know I will get a lot of use out of it. 

The notebook is A5 perfect for on the go, it was also only £2.50 so an absolute bargain!

I also Picked up a box of assorted paper clips, pins and bulldog clips as I know they will come in handy. I use pins a Lot for my notice board. The marble stationary clip set is also £2.50 so again a huge steal. You can become more organised for only a fiver. The set comes in a sectioned tub so you can too keep those in place and organised so you will also know where to find them. They also make great photo props too ;) The thing I liked the most is that even the paper clips are marble effect so it really is a nice added touch. I would expect to find this sort of thing in paperchase so I am glad I found these when I did!

Olivia x