10 Things I have learn't from moving away for Uni!

I have come home for a few days, by home I mean the childhood place that I lived in for the last 18 years. I am now used to living in my own space, by own space I mean my small little room surrounded by eight others in my uni halls, but still its my own. It got me thinking about how quickly we can adjust to change, a thing I have never really been good at. Coming home brings a sense of nostalgia, my pets are there, it smells like home and it's surrounded by the things I know.  This got me thinking about whats different when living independently so I want this to be a post on 10 things I have learn't to  from living independently, so here goes. 

1.) You get your own space to do what you want with. I have always loved to decorate and personalise things so from moving away I have enjoyed the freedom of being able to buy what I want and when I want. 

2.) Following on from that, I looooove food shopping, I enjoy the whole process of making a meal plan and then going out to buy everything for it. Even if that does mean having to carry heavy bags back because you're too stubborn to get the bus. 

3.) Having your own time, don't get me wrong I had my own room at home and could have my own time but theres something different about it when you have changed scenery. 

4.) The new area, a bigger city in my case. It's amazing being so close to everything and I do miss that whenever I go back to visit. I am used to being able to walk into town instead of a half an hour bus journey.

5.) I feel like I have grown up. I have always been mature for my age or so I have been told but living independently has taught me that its not all fun and games, especially when it comes to money. 

6.) You learn about how to plan everything, whether its money, social life, travel or just your general day-day. So much so I have decided to start a bullet journal to keep track of everything.

7.) You probably won't keep in touch with everyone you thought you would. I guess this isn't the same for everyone but for me I have learn't who my really friends were, the ones that make an effort to keep in touch. 

8.) If you don't have plans you probably won't get out of bed, I know for me personally I struggle to be productive if I don't have a to-do list. This is why I have started planning so I can make sure I am doing something every day to keep myself busy. 

9.) Train tickets are expensive! Even with a rail card they still come with a price, you will get used to planning in advance to cut the cost if you are traveling anywhere. 

10.) If you have moved somewhere completely different you will miss home. Moving further south has made me miss my northern roots more then anything. From how people act, talk and so on I will always love Yorkshire and that's one reason I miss home. 

I know I haven't fully moved out yet as I will be back home for the summer and so on but I still feel like moving away to uni is the first steps to prepare you for moving out

Olivia x