A Total Newbie Guid To Cannon Lenses

For christmas I received a new camera, one that I have been researching for around 2 years now and it is a cannon 70D I have looked at reviews, videos blog posts and every camera shop possible to find the perfect camera. I might do a review on the camera itself but I am still a newbie and don't know 100% what I'm doing. This isn't really going to be a review as camera lenses to me is a whole other language to me but I thought I'd show what I do have as I have seen a few comments floating around mentioning how my photography has changed. I currently use Instagram as a platform 1, for my bog and to show my interests in makeup but 2, I hope to someday become a crime scene photographer. I know they are 2 ends of the scale but I want to really understand and get to know the camera so that I have some experience when It comes to shutter speed, aperture and all that jazz. 

At the moment I have a 18-55mm lens which is the one that came with my camera, It is also the one that I use the most at the moment as I haven't taken my camera out anywhere to test the other two. It is an Autofocus lens which I love because If I want to take a quick snap it focuses quickly but it can also be placed onto manual so that if you have more time you can play around and see what differences you can get. It is a standard zoom lens so you can get different perspectives while shooting which I liked at first but now I have a slight variety I can see that it is just a perfect starter lens. It produces crisp images, even in darker lighting which surprised me, another feature I love about this lens. 

These are taken with my 18-55mm lens, as you can see there is a blurred background but the 50mm just has that edge to it. This lens is perfect for everyday shooting when you want professional photos with  no hassle. 

The second Lens I have is a 55mm 1.8, I saw it floating around on social media and started to notice that people who take great focused photos with blurred out backgrounds were using this. You may have also heard it being called the nifty fifty, I say this is because of its compact easy to travel size and its versatility to take basically any photo and make if look amazing. This is a prime lens meaning it only has one focal length, I worked it out that this means you can't zoom in and out basically. 
It is a reasonable price too so if you are new like me to DSLR cameras you can grow your collection for a cheaper lens as I know they can dramatically increase in price.  The photo's I have taken with this little one have been amazing and I am so impressed with how much they can improve a simple photo. It is a great lens which I think everyone should have which is also great for the pocket, both price and size!

Photos taken with a 50mm lens, perfect for capturing the finer details with blurred out backgrounds!

Last but not least is the 55-250mm lens, I am so annoyed because I saw someone post on twitter some photos that they had taken with their which made me look into getting one. I wish I knew so I could thank them because this has made me a happy photographer. My last camera which was a SLR which had a zoom of 500mm it was incredible and I was sad to be giving that up but now I have this in my life I am one step closer. This is a telephoto zoom lens which allows you to capture detail from a distance, I have really enjoyed using this and I can't wait to take it out and get full use from it. You can get soft edges and blurred backgrounds with amazing amounts of detail meaning far away focus points still stand out. I also like the stabilisation feature which means you can get photos of fast-moving subjects. 

Margaret and Maureen being amazing posers, yes we have a ginger girl, yes it is rare and these two girls are sisters from the same litter, you would never have guessed from the colours. The above photo was taken with the 55-250, it has great detailing and is quick and still for capturing movement even from animals. 

I especially liked this image from the back of my house, its from a bedroom window and that tree is over the other side of a train track, you can see that the front of the photo is blurred but as you get further away you gain sharpness and detail. Then in the background it isn't as clear leaving the focus on the subject, in this case the tree. 

Above are the photos taken with the 55-250mm lens, as you can see the photos have great detail with blurred backgrounds but have all been taken from far away. 

I don't know how informative this post has been but for me as a newbie I have found it really hard to understand which lenses I should be using and which ones I actually need. I found the last two from other blogger which Is one reason I decided to write this as I hope it can help others. As I said I am still learning but the results I have seen already I can fully recommend them to anyone. My collection gives me a standard lens for every day use, one to get me good close up shots and one to allow me to zoom in and still get crisp shots. I think this will keep me going until I have found the next one I'd like to splurge on. If you found this helpful please let me know down in the comments! 

Olivia x