Fab new Fragrance!

It's me again with my second Jo Malone Perfume! I did a post like this recently but apparently good fragrances are addictive so I thought I'd share my new addition with you! I don't know if it's the pretty bottles, the fancy gift wrap or the fact it smells so damn delicious that I love so much. This particular cologne is Velvet Rose and Oud, it's part of the intense range which I can understand why as it has a much stronger personality to it. I tried this with the thoughts that I would hate it as I have never had a thing for rose scents but it isn't overpowering, it is richer and has a deeper texture to it, probably because it is blended with the oud woody notes. It is very much a going out cologne, for me anyway, it is slightly too rich for the day to day activities but I tend to save the good stuff for the best occasions anyway!

If you haven't seen the intense ranges I would recommend checking them out! I have my eye on a few more already but sadly with their price tag I will have to hold off until pay day. One of the main reasons I have decided to get in to nicer more grown up perfumes is that you can tell the quality of them. They last so much longer and it's always a nice treat to save up and get something that will last a while. The last two I have chosen were picked around occasions so they will forever remind me of those memories which is another reason I chose to go down the Jo Malone route. She may charge a small fortune for a bottle of scented liquid but at least she knows how to do it well!

Olivia x