Harry Potter studio tour!

I swear I wrote this ages ago and published it but clearly I didn't.. I took myself and my boyfriend away to see the Harry Potter studio tour for his birthday. He is the reason why I have become obsessed with the magical world, (He forced me to watch it and I loved it straight away) I hadn't seen it until recently so I was so excited to see the places where the films were created. 

We visited in January, I know now you realise why I am so confused, it's taken me two months to realise  but better late then never, right? This meant that we got to see Hogwarts in the snow which made it even more special and also means I have to go again to see what it's like normally haha!

Entering the Great Hall was incredible, a little smaller then what I imagined but still made me stop for a second to take it all in. Every detail in the room you could put with one of the films and seeing it in person was really amazing. 

The platform was pretty cool seeing the train! Obviously had to stop for a photo op. 

The outdoor scenes were a quick stop for us as it was throwing it down but I managed to get a few snaps. 

I want an office that looks like this! 

Going on this tour was a really good day out, and for me I didn't think it was too badly priced for how long you spend there and there is so much to look at. There is something there for everyone, whether you are a Harry Potter obsessive or if you like to see the behind the scenes. I already can't wait to go back and experience the magic again, oh and to try some butter beer. 

Olivia x