Pink Picks For Spring

Now that we are nearing spring and already into our third month, I know how crazy! I have picked out a few 'brave' colours for me anyway as I tend to ditch the bright shades and head straight for the nudes. I have picked 5 in a few different shades and price ranges that I hope people will like too! Most of these colours I have had for a while but only used once or twice in fear of looking weird while wearing them but this year I have decided not to care and to bring them out in full force. 

The first two are from Clinique and they were actually from a christmas a set a few years ago (I know they have probably gone past their best by date but I don't care) The two shades I chose are top Monday mojo and bottom Finally Friday. Both stunning pink shades that I look forward to wearing over the coming months. Monday's shade is a beautiful pink with a purple iridescent undertone with some shimmer which will look amazing when the suns out meaning it will make the lips look glossy! Where as the Friday shade is a true pink, a little more subtle without the glitter but is bound to draw attention while wearing. I think these two picks are handy as they are miniature size so they would be good for nights out as they don't take up too much room in a clutch bag and it also means you don't have to worry about needing to re-apply.  

Revlon lip butters have been a staple in my spring makeup back for 3 years now, I love everything from the light formula to the colourful packaging to the moisture they give your lips once they have been applied. This is the shade 010, Raspberry Pie, I picked this because it is still quite berry toned like the ones I have been wearing over winter so I will use this to ease myself in to the colour changes but it is still pink so it fits perfectly into the transition!

Another one from Revlon, as you can tell I am keen on this brand for lip products, that is one thing they do really well! I picked this up last spring, it is in the shade Gentlemen prefer pink. It is a lighter shade then the others so far, more of a Barbie pink but not so light it washes you out and makes you look silly. I remember paring this with a slightly darker gloss just to take the light edge off sometimes. This also looks great with a tan so if you have a spring Holliday I would recommend picking this up. It has a super comfortable formula and lasts for most of the day without having to top up. 

Last but not least is a newer one to my collection this year. It is from Bourjois and is a Rouge Edition Velvet, liquid lipstick. It has a matte finish but feels incredibly light which is what I look for during the spring as I like my makeup to feel fresher and natural. I find that it applies like a gloss and dries like a matte which I wasn't expecting when I first tried it on. The colour is really pigmented and I chose it in the shade 11 it is a beautiful petal pink which I feel really comfortable wearing and I already Know I will get loads of use from this. 

Olivia x