Cactus Diaries!

For the past few years I have been obsessed with cactus's, so much so that I started a little collection of different types and shapes. This resulted in getting a cactus growing kit from my mum for Christmas and I thought It would be easy, boy was I wrong! I had to soak the seeds in water for 3-6 weeks, I did that. Then I had to transfer them to the coconut husk pots with some magic soil that started off as a small disk and grew to fill the pot which amazed me no end. Yes I'm 19 and I get excited by soil, don't be jealous. I watched them for around 2 months as nothing bloomin' happened!!! But recently a teeny tiny little one poked it's way through the soil and I regained hope that I could grow my own plant.

The point in this post is so I can track to see how well I can raise the little ones 'ONE' yes, only one has survived even though I have given them all my love and attention over the last 8 weeks. With the excitement I want to Tiger not in the hope of finding what I bought but alas I came home with a planter bucket and a mini watering can because it was too cute to resist! I got them in a pale blue colour and they match perfectly. I'm now hoping that because they have a lovely new home they might start to grow... fingers crossed. 

Anyway that's the first instillment of this journey you are now on with me. See you next time for more cactus updates, I can sense the excitement you have already!

Olivia x