London Town

London is one of my favourite places to visit, I don't quite know why but I love the atmosphere, not when it's super busy though! There is so much to see, from the typical tourist places to the quirky little hideouts that aren't necessarily known. These photos are from the beginning of march just as it was starting to get sunnier so I chose to go down to westminster to see the sunset over the buildings and it was simply beautiful! I got a new camera for christmas along with a 250mm lens which enabled me to capture some images that were further away but with the higher quality. 

Got to be a typical blogger and get the snaps of pink blossom against the blue sky. I have to admit this was fun to test out my camera, I love the effects of the blurred backgrounds. 

I came across a man with a squirrel on his lap which was an amazing photo op! He was feeding the little creature nuts to keep it still for passers by so of course I had to stop and take advantage. 

I loved the effect the sun set had on the lake and trees, it turned them all orange and autumnal. I also liked how the eye sat behind everything so you could still tell it was in London and not just a random pond!

Not going to lie I was so impressed with this, it was a total accident that I caught him/her with it's wings open! The detail is incredible I love this lens. 

More blossom... I'm sorry I couldn't resist. 

And of course I couldn't not take a few pictures of the palace, not that you can tell but I wanted to capture some of the finer details and pay attention to the thing's you wouldn't usually look at. 

Where's you favourite place to visit? 

Olivia x