Travel Diaries - Amsterdam!

Amsterdam has been one of those places I've wanted to tick off my list for a while now. I got one of the scratch off maps for Christmas and it has inspired me to travel more so in January I booked this trip with some of my uni flat mates for the start of march. It was one of the most weird places I have ever visited but at the same time it was so perfect for picture opportunities and pretty to walk around - well some parts anyway!

From picturesque buildings and canals everywhere you turn, there is a dark side to the city of sin that involves the famous red light district which we did visit but there are strict rules of no photos for obvious reasons. Even if you were aloud I'd feel weird taking them anyway! But let me just say it is what it is, it's so surreal coming from Britain seeing things that would be band in our country. It did shock me, I guess I didn't really look into it too much so it was all a surprise.  That is one of the reasons why I love traveling, so you get to experience things you might not get to see every day. 

All of the buildings were different heights and all wonky looking, it was the most beautiful place with the most creative selection of buildings I must say. They reminded me of the houses you would see in children's story books, all different shapes and sizes and individual. I could also tell that people in the Netherlands love their windows. 

Obviously had to get many photos of the canal! So many of them and they all had bridges which were covered in bikes. This reminded me of Cambridge with all of the bikes everywhere. However the cyclists in Dam were actually nice!

Another thing I enjoyed seeing were the creative buildings, I mean just look at the shape of these two that were near where we were staying. The one below actually had a swing at the top that you could go on and swing over the edge, I hate heights so I gave it a miss but maybe next time to get a good shot of the city!

The place I was most excited to visit but sadly we didn't realise you had to book in advance, we thought we would have been able to turn up and queue a little bit and then take the tour but there was actually a line that went around the square opposite, there must have been around 500 people there waiting so this is something I want to go back and do for sure!

I'm not sure how legit this 'Banksy' art is as I have tried to google it but nothing has come up about it but I wanted to keep it in the post because it looks cool anyway! We stumbled across it while walking down one of the many canals, They're all so beautiful lined with tall buildings all neatly kept and painted in various shades! However I did notice none of them have fences near them! 

All of the food in this bit! These Pizza's were 5 euros which was crazy and they were incredible, then below is an image I would go back for just for the cakes! I didn't actually get one in the end but how amazing do they all look. 

We also went to numerous amount's of cheese places and tasted the amazing flavour. My favourite was the green on in this picture and it was pesto flavour. I didn't think I would buy much while I was there so I didn't have much money left when we found the cheese. When I go back I will make sure I bring them all home though!

Below is me stood in a pair of clogs with the cheese places logo on, they were everywhere! Fun fact, I have big feet so it was kind of a joke that they were my actual shoes!

The canal at night time, this was taken in the middle of a bar crawl so I am so surprised at the quality of it to be honest, but I thought the lights reflecting in the canal were super pretty. 

Hi me! Casually leaning on the I from the I Amsterdam sign, I wanted a photo of me with all of the sign but it was so busy and rammed with people so this is the best I could do. 

I want to go back already! Maybe in the spring or autumn would be nice when the weather isn't so dull! It is a city of exploring which is one reason I think I fell so in love. It is one of the most relaxing city's! The vibe is so chilled out and everyone just gets on with what they're doing. Well it has been rated in the top 10 happiest places so that must explain the positivity!

Where do you want to travel to next? 

Olivia x