Try it Tuesday!

Today I'm testing out the boots sheet masks, I don't know how long they have been around but I have never seen them before! I have been obsessed with sheet masks since going to Sephora so it's great to see that they are becoming accessible in the UK. I picked up two because they were on offer 2 for £3 so I took advantage. I got the Cleansing and purifying Charcoal and Willow bark along with the Radiance and Brightening Lotus Flower and Tiger lily one. I'm currently writing this with the purifying one on so that is the main one I'll be reviewing.

So I opened the packet and I was confused because it was just a white sheet mask like normal, I got it in my head that it would be black because of the Charcoal. The first thing I noticed is how saturated the mask was in the product which was really good because it means it will have loads of product on it that will help to really do what it says on the packet. More product means that it will work for longer before it drys up, I also like to use any extra product left in the packet and massage it into my skin after taking the mask off. The mask itself is normal face size, when I say that I mean the ones I have tried previously have been so big I've struggled to wear it without getting it all in my hair. This one sits perfectly even though they eye wholes are a little small and it feels a bit stingy in that area but his soon wore off. After I had applied it I felt a cooling sensation right way which I enjoyed. They would be lovely to use in the morning for a pick me up ready for the day ahead! Or even in the summer when it's been a really warm day they would be amazing at cooling down. They should totally create an aftersun mask for when you get burnt on your face, is this already a thing?! Someone should do this but I want the credit haha! It has the usual instructions of leaving it for 15 minutes, remove the mask and massage in any remaining product. Mess free! Another reason I am so obsessed is that you don't have to spend ages washing your face after and end up probably leaving a bit around the edge of your face... previous experience!

I am really impressed so far, it hasn't slid off which can be a problem if they are too wet which I worried would happen with this one. It feels tingly on the skin which is a weird sensation but maybe thats just the way it works. It does have a warning on the back about this but it's nothing uncomfortable it feels kind of nice actually. I can't wait to see the results and I will finish the review tomorrow morning to see if it has done anything! The next morning my skin felt bright and refreshed which I noticed straight away, I applied the rest of the liquid that was in the packet and let it sink in before I went to sleep and this left my skin feeling ever so soft. I have since used the other  mask, I chose to use that one in the morning, then washed off any residue left over before applying my makeup. It left my skin feeling so hydrated and bright which also made an amazing base for my makeup to sit on, I had an amazing makeup day so I think this will be a thing I do more often when I have an extra 10 minutes in the morning. I have since purchased a few others from the range which I am so excited to try out as I have had amazing results from these two so far.

Olivia x