Volume Shake Mascara!

I have to say I picked this up because it looked so cool, the whole concept of shaking a mascara has been changed forever. It is the first of it's kind and has been created by Rimmel. It has been designed to refresh the formula whenever needed. Shaking mascara has been something I've done for a while now just to make sure its all mixed together I guess to make sure its working at its best ability. But now its a legit thing to shake the product and I love the idea.

The packaging is quite heavy compared to others, it feels really well made and robust and metal like but I guess thats because of the shaker component. I also noticed that place where the wand comes out of... Wow so technical haha! You know the part, it has almost like little grips to grab any excess product off the wand before you use it to apply. If you have the mascara you'll hopefully know what i'm on about! The wand is really thick and bristly which I find are the best brushes to remove clumps as it really separates the product, it also creates a lot of volume as it grabs every lash and coats them perfectly. Along with this is allows for maximum separation, it almost acts as a brush to comb through the lashes evenly. The formula is really wet which is one of the things I don't particularly like, I find it harder to work with but I guess thats the stay fresh technology. It reminds me of the Benefit they're real mascara, I would let that one dry out a little bit before I started to use it but I can't with this one as it's designed not too haha! Over all I have been enjoying using this as it holds my lashes in place giving the tonnes of volume and separation, this also gives the effect of length which is alway a bonus.

What's your favourite mascara?

Olivia x