Beau Belle Make Up Brushes!

So I'm going to start off my saying that these brushes have been sent to me by Beau Belle very kindly. All thoughts are my own blah blah blah you know the drill! I have been testing them for a couple of weeks now and I also have a first impressions video over on my channel, I will leave a link at the end of this post. 

When they contacted me I jumped at the opportunity, as a make up lover I am always looking for new tools to apply my makeup with. They are a key step in my routine and using the same brushes over and over can sometimes get a little boring. When they arrived I automatically knew I would love them. one because the are rose gold and anyone who knows me will know how much I love that. The set I received is the metallic sculpting set, the aim is to be a perfect set to get you looking contoured!

Heres an overview of the brushes, as you can see they have been used, i'm being real with you guys! I have since washed them and they came out great which is one of my main tests to see if they are good quality. They feel just as soft and there was no malting of the brush head which to me means that they are amazing quality. 

From the online description there is a sculpting brush, flat top contour brush, angled contour brush and a powder brush. I didn't use them for what they are because they didn't have names one them so I couldn't decide which one was which but thats ok because I usually experiment and find out what they work best for anyway.

I knew this one was the powder brush straight away as it has a soft fluffy rush head which is perfect for swirling in your powder and patting onto the face! I have been using this every day and it is great because it picks up just the right amount of powder. I also love that it isn't huge so you can get into all the places like under the eyes and around the nose easily. 

I think this is the flat top contour brush as it has a more rounded finish, I have actually been using this for foundation and it works marvellously for getting into the smaller places on the face. I have since washed it and I am going to be trying it out as a contour brush as I think it will be really good for getting the sculpt look and really blend everything out. I also think this would be an amazing highlighter brush as it's just the right size and density. 

This brush is the angled contour brush, again i'm just guessing as none of them have names on which would be the only thing I would say could be changed about the brushes. It isn't necessary I know but I think it would be a nice touch and especially if a beginner is wanting to use them it would give them some help too. This brush is sooooo good at carving those cheek bones, I mean it has a slightly domed top with a fine line to really get that straight line were all looking for. I use this to apply contour/bronzer and then take a fluffy brush to blend it out. 

Im not 100% about this brush, I have yet to find a way to use it that works for me. I think that this is the sculpting brush as it's the only one I saw fit. It has a really thin line of bristles with a slight curve in the middle. My guess was that it is meant to curve around the natural arch over the cheek but for me I couldn't quite get along with it. Uses I can think of for this would be to contour the nose as it is really small so it would be great for that but I need to play around with it more and get some ideas!

Overall impression? I love them! You get four brushes for £34.95 so each they would all be just under £10 and for a good quality brush you can't fault that. I love that they have sleek handles with groves near the brush head to help give you the precision and control while doing your makeup. They are so pretty and glam, I have mine on display over on my vanity area because they are some of the prettiest brushes I have ever seen. They are also made with synthetic fibres which is always something I like to check with brushes because I think that means they are cruelty free? I think it does but I don't want to be giving the wrong information. I would really recommend these as I think they are amazing brushes, they have so many others to choose from too so!

Olivia x