Beauty and The Beast Afternoon Tea!

As a huge Disney fan this was an absolute dream, also having a major sweet tooth made this whole experience 10x better. My mum told me we had a surprise to go to on the Friday before easter, I didn't have a clue what to expect but as we got into my town centre I started to think about a possible afternoon tea as we have a few nice spots for that. We quickly walked in the opposite direction so I became clueless once again. We walked to a part of the town I never usually go to until we stopped at what looked like a wedding cake shop. We walked in and straight away I saw people sat down having afternoon tea, sandwiches and cakes with big pots of tea, very civilised. Then I noticed a gold table with blue chairs placed around it that had been decorated with yellow ribbons. Any Disney fan will know those colours are very much the colours of Belles dress and the Beasts suit! I contained the excitement but inside I was like a screaming child jumping up and down over and over... We were soon seated at the table, on it was a Lumiere that had been made from a candle holder with marshmallows and icing! Then next to it sat a china Mrs pots and two chip mugs, oh how the excitement grew and grew.

I had a pot of tea to drink whilst we waited for the food, I was just assuming it would be a few sandwiches, some scones and a selection of cakes but boy was I wrong! Put it this way, we left with two boxes filled with cakes and other sweet treats that came out piled high on a three tiered cake stand. This was no ordinary afternoon tea, it was simply fit for a princess. So when the lady brought it out I didn't know where to look. My eyes were drawn to the rose and Beast cupcakes which were sat next to some amazing Belle cake pops. They were huge may I add and incredibly delicious. Sat in the middle of all the treats was a glass dome with a rose placed inside, such an amazing detail to add to really bring out the theme.

Moving onto the second tier, there were a whole variety of cakes, biscuits and other yummies! The ones that stood out the most were the Cogsworth shaped marshmallows covered in chocolate. The attention to detail was crazy. There also slices of carrot and lemon cakes, rose shortbread and brownies. At the bottom there was a selection of sandwiches, crisps, pork pies, sausage rolls, quiche and salad. Along with two heart shaped jam sandwiches at the front. You may think that's where it finished but we also got a book filled with more sandwiches on a bed of salad, there was a whole load of food for just two people!

This is one of the best surprises I have ever had and it makes it even more special that my mum thought to do it for me. We are going to Disney world later this year and Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite disney film so it made it even more amazing. The whole service of the place was also incredible, they had other themes such as harry potter where the cupcakes were decorated according to the houses and they had chocolate frogs along with test tubes filled with sweets, it is a fabulous alternative to the standard now boring afternoon tea! This is so much more fun, especially for younger children but even for adults! Of course they had the usually afternoon teas and also a breakfast one where you have different breakfast items stacked out the same way! It makes the whole idea new and interesting. I'm not totally sure on the prices of the packages as it was a surprise and I didn't pay for it but I think it was around 25/30 Pound maybe... Which if you compare it to places like Patisserie Valerie its around the same price but you get so much more!

They also did milkshakes which I decided to try not realising how sweet they would be, or huge for that matter but we shared one and took any spare food home so it all worked out in the end. If you are interested the place is called 'Cupcakes 2 love' and it's based in South Yorkshire, I would highly recommend it if you live near by and want to indulge in an extra special and sweet treat!

Olivia x