Being part of pod's

If you asked me a month ago what a comment pod is I would have stared at you blankly with no idea what you're talking about. Fast forward 4 weeks and I am obsessed with them. I joined the first one around 3 weeks ago... I think anyway. I was so excited to be part of a small group of bloggers that I could start connecting with and really get into the whole supporting each other thing, which by the way I am a huggggge fan of. Then over Easter i'm sure you'll know that there was a huge thing about bots on Instagram and I saw someone say that comment pods are just the same which I completely disagree with. Yes you are in a group and you all take it in turn to post something into the group, say a new Instagram photo or your latest blog post and you will go along and leave a comment and give it a like. For me this is never something I feel forced into, the pods I'm part of are full of lovely people which I can tell put so much effort into everything they do. As you are all i'm sure aware that Instagram posts on your feed are not in order anymore, I started to notice that I was seeing posts from 3-5 day's ago and I felt silly commenting on them because the day had passed (I still did though!) Being in a pod means that you get to keep up with people that you have a interest in, therefore you never miss a post which I feel is a great way to get around the sucky algorithm.

Blogging pod's are equally as fun, I am part of two now which I find crazy because a month ago I didn't even know what one was. I am in groups that are full of bloggers with similar interests which I love because I actually want to read their posts. I made it my aim this year to comment more, read more and put myself out there in the community but I found it so hard to keep up. I didn't know when people were posting apart from if I managed to see that they had shared it on twitter or Insta. I have Bloglovin' but I find that I don't tend to spend much time on there as I prefer to visit the actual blog page.  Now I am updated every time someone posts and I will make sure to read and leave a thoughtful comment as and when I have time. Because the pods are on a group chat it keeps all of the posts together which makes it so easy to catch up on! It's a little bit like having a subscription feed similar to youtube but for blog posts. The visa-versa interaction is a bonus too, it has brought so much more traffic to my personal blog (I'm not doing it for this purposefully) In fact I didn't know how much of an impact it would have. I'm also sure that everyone gets that happy feeling when they see they have a comment on their latest post too, It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that people actually read this rambling I'm putting out there!

So even more recently I was added to a youtube pod which honestly I think is one of the ones I'm really excited to be part of. I get a handfull of comments on my videos every time I post but most are just spam accounts, It's so much nicer being able to talk to other youtuber's and actually know that people are watching and finding them interesting. It's also helped me to find new people to watch, again with similar video styles which makes me happy because I was starting to get a little bored of my feed, now I have fresh new videos to catch up on!

In the chats I have also found that people actually talk to each other, in the blogging chats people share events that are coming up (something I am super keen to jump on bored with) we talk about ideas to maybe post about which boy am I happy with because when you're stuck in a blogging rut there is nothing worse then having no inspiration. I really do think that pod's no matter what platform they are for are incredibly helpful and a really fun way to get to know the people you follow. I'm one of those people who will sit back and see others talking to each other and wishing I was like that too but now I feel like i'm getting involved. The engagement that comes along is crazy to me, I've noticed that any new followers I gain are not the annoying follow for a few days then unfollow the more I have been engaging the more genuine followers have stuck with me.

Are you in any pods? If so or I guess if not, what do you think of them?

Olivia x