Learning to love long distance.

The title of this post has a few meanings. Me and my boyfriend will have been together a year on the 4th May, a whole 12 months together which is crazy to me because 8 of those have been long distance. Long distance for us anyway, meaning 2 and a half hours apart. I know many people have been further away but for a first really relationship it has been difficult to come to terms with. Surviving on two week breaks and a few days of contact. Obviously now phones are so advanced it makes it a whole lot easier but I thought I'd share a few tips on how we managed it.

Regular contact. This may sound simple but sometime getting caught up in day-to-day life can leave you both busy, we, I made a rule that as long as we say good morning to each other then i'd be happy, this way you have still spoken a little bit and it's just a reminder that you are both there if you need each other. I also like to send a good night text too just to finish the day speaking to them, It's hard to find a balance of speaking too little and speaking too much.

Do things together. When ever we do see each other which is every two weeks which works for us we like to catch up on everything we have missed. Usually we will have a chill day where we don't do anything exciting but just being with each other is always fun. Then we will do something like go to the cinema or other activities that we feel like doing, just to make the most of the time together. Then I love going out for a mean, it means you can have personal time together with nice food where theres no interruptions.

Facetime/Snapchat! This way you actually get to see each other. Facetime was more regular when we first moved apart as I found it hard not seeing him all the time. I keep saying I because It's from my perspective! Now we do it once maybe during the two weeks but I usually just snapchat because it's quick and on the spot but it's alway nice to see them and not just talk.

Try not to argue. For me this happens after it has been along time so usually just before we see each other again, I think it is because that's when you miss them the most so everything that happens can make you complain lol. Usually happens if we don't talk as much I'll start to over think but I think thats just a girl thing..

Trust. This is sooooo important i can't stress it enough. At the beginning of a relationship when everything is still new you constantly have the idea in your head that you aren't good enough, well I did anyway! But it made me realise that not every other girl that exists is after your man and it also made me realise things about myself too which was something I've loved.

Make plans. This has helped me tonnes over the last 8 months, making plans for the future no matter how small will help settle the feeling you have at the back of your mind. Knowing that you are doing something together in a few weeks or months will give you something to look forward too and keep the positivity going.

I know not all relationships are the same intact I don't think any will be similar or even close. But from spending our first year a part I wanted to note it down so I can look back on it in the future to see how we managed. There are plenty of ways to make distance work but this is how I've managed so far. For me it isn't a huge deal as I love my own space so distance is nice, I have also learnt that it makes the times together so much better as you have more to catch up on. I found that I learnt more about him as we spoke more so I am in one way glad we have had the space to get to know each other but I can't wait for the day when we don't have to say goodbye. Long distance is hard and there will always be struggles but from experience I can say that so far it is worth it.

I hope this has been somewhat helpful!

Olivia x