Meet the Kittens! #1

so if you don't follow me on Instagram you wont know that my cat recently had kittens, It was little bit of a shock when we found out that she was expecting but I am so in love with them! We are unsure of the sex as of yet but we think the tabby is a girl and the ginger and black/white ones are little boys. They are around 1 month old now and they're starting to move around and be more independent. I tested out my camera to get some cute photos of them and thought I would share them on here. 

Heres mum, she's less then a year old which is why we were shocked but she is gorgeous! This is when she was just about to have them. 

Some of the first photos we have of them with their eyes still closed. 

She is still protective over them and kept glaring at me whenever I picked them up haha! She made a little nest in a box of fabric we have in the spare room and they're so ready to come out but she carries them back in making sure they stay with her. 

Little ginger baby! Going to a new home but I am making the most of his little face.

We have decided to keep this little on as he looks like one of our old cats, he's the sweetest little boy and looks like a mole so I have given him that nickname. 

last but not least, to me the most photogenic kitten, they are all adorable but look at her markings they're stunning. 

Just a comparison photo of them next to my hand to show you just how tiny they are!

So you may have noticed I put #1 in the title, welllllll we have two cats and they both decided to get pregnant around the same time! I will have some more kitten picks soon of the 4 newest arrivals! Here's the tabby from the first litter and the tabby from the second. The two cats that have had kittens are actually sisters. look at the difference in size!

Olivia x